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Regranulate polypropylene (PP)


JSC Belvtorpolymer prodeces recycled granulated polypropylene specifications using modern high-tech equipment 2012 model year:

During the cleaning process the material is subjected to12 stages washing programme including 7 active stages and an effective filter system with an automatic filter surface cleaning by melt backflow.

Additionally, the equipment is fitted with a dual degassing system.

The equipment reprocess about 500 kg of regranulate every hour.

The properties of recycled granulated PP are practically similar to the feedstock general properties.

Recycled PP common physical-mechanical and chemical properties:

Density, g/cm³0,90–0,91
Melt flow index, g/ 10 min2,0–20,0
Tensile strength at yield, MPa25–39
Elongation at break, %100–380
Diameter, mm.3 – 5
ColorGrey, green, blue, brown, black as well as custom specified color

Recycled PP varies depending on the type of recyclable materials:

    • Regranulate produced from woven polypropylene bags, big-bags, containers with or without PP films and mesh. MFI is 5-10 g/ 10 min. This grade of PP is commonly used in molding and extrusion. It’s perfectly dyed in the process of manufacturing.
    • Regranulate produced from molded items (plastic jars, buckets, furniture, boxes, disposable tableware). MFI is 11-20 g/10 min. It’s commonly used in molding.

Existing equipment and technologies allow to mix wastes materials of two PP grades including polyethylene in order to improve or modificate product quality and properties or to decrease its value without deterioration of consumer characteristics.

Thanks to its technical and consumer characteristics recycled PP has large range of application. It’s commonly used in manufacturing:

  • Tare, boxes, trays, buckets
  • Plain and corrugated pipes: protective, sewer, drainage and electrotechnical pipes
  • Fittings
  • Pallets and big box
  • Household items
  • Sealing tape
  • Garden tools
  • Plastic building items
  • Plastic plates
  • Furniture hardware
  • Profiled moulded details
  • Fencing and garden meshes
  • Lawn lattices, eco parking elements and others.

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