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Regranulate LDPE

Regranulate LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)

Low density polyethylene is the most common recycled polymer packaging material. LDPE keeps its physical-chemical properties in a temperature range of – 60 °C to + 80 °C. LDPE materials therefore can be operated in a wide variety of climatic environments.

Such feedstock as industrial and domestic waste of LDPE film polluted up to 40 % with or without flexographic printing is used for manufacturing recycled LDPE. These wastes except the film include shrink and stretch film waste. Stretch film waste products are about 5-20 % of all waste used in recycled LDPE manufacturing.


Recycled LDPE physical-chemical properties:

Density g/ cm³0,9185-0,93  
Packed density, g/ cm³No less than 0,5
Melt flow index, g/ 10 min0,2 – 2,0
Granule size, mm3 – 6
  • Mesh filters with 100, 120, 270 micron rotation are used for LDPE melt filtration.
  • Granules color: transparent, translucent, grey, brown, black as well as Customer specified color.
  • Recycled LDPE can be mixed with HDPE and recycled HDPE or with other polymers including polypropylene in any proportions for improving or modifying product qualities and properties or for decreasing its value without deterioration of consumer characteristics.

Generally JSC “Belvtorpolymer” sells regranulate LDPE bright and dull colours.

Recycled LDPE bright color can be dyed with any color in comparison with recycled LDPE dull color that can be dyed only black.

Accordingly recycled LDPE bright color products can be different colors.

Recycled LDPE bright colorhas a wide range of shades depending on the color and contamination level of the feedstock.


10 tints

Recycled LDPE dark color is produced from dark or colored LDPE film waste.

There are certain basic methods, which are used in thermoplast recycling, to produce items of recycled LDPE:


  • Packaging, shrink, industrial and agricultural films
  • Industrial packaging, garbage bags
  • Plain and corrugated pipes for conduits; protective, electrical, sewer pipes
  • Flexible cable insulation
  • Profiled moulded details: sheets, furniture corners protectors, sealing belts
  • Meshes (agricultural and household, reinforcement meshes)


  • Small- and large-size product items with a wall thickness of 1,3 mm and more (household items, garden and floricultural tools)
  • Transport and cargo containers, trays, boxes
  • Fittings


  • Containers of economic and technical appointment


  • Large-size product items of technical appointment


  • Anti-rust coating of apparatus and pipes in corrosive environments

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