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Regranulate HDPE

Regranulate HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

HDPE is one of the most widely used polymers in the world. It’s a high-density polyethylene (with the density more than 0,941 g/cm3). Operating temperature: melting point is 120-135 °C, max. operating temperature is up to 110 °C, cooling is allowed to -80 °C.

Recycled HDPE is the second life of HDPE. It is made of packaging, industrial packaging, boxes, canisters, flowed items, plastic sheets crushed materials, moulded parts waste and other HDPE waste.


Recycled HDPE physical-chemical properties:

Density g/ cm³0,941 – 0,958
Packed density, g/ cm³ No less than 0,5     
Melt flow index, g/ 10 min0,2 – 14
Granule size (for granulated HDPE type), mm3 – 6
  • Mesh filters with 100, 120, 270 microns rotation are used for HDPE melt filtration
  • Granules colour: white, grey, black as well as Customer specified colour.

Generally JSC “Belvtorpolimer” sells regranulate HDPE dark coloured:

Recycled HDPE produced by JSC “Belvtorpolimer” is commonly used in moulding (boxes, jars, furniture waste products and others, MFI is 8-14 g/10 min) and extrusion (film, pipes waste products and others, MFI is 0,2-0,6 g/10 min).

Recycled HDPE can be mixed with LDPE and recycled LDPE and with other polymers including polypropylene in any proportions for improving or modifying product qualities and properties or for decreasing its value without deterioration of consumer characteristics.

There are certain basic methods to produce recycled HDPE products that are used in termoplast processing:


  • Films and packages (packaging-bags, garbage bags, t-shirt bags with a handle, industrial and wrapping films)
  • Pipes (plain and corrugated for drainage, sewerage system; insulating electrical pipes, conduits)
  • Cable insulation
  • Meshes(agricultural and household, reinforcement meshes)
  • Plastic sheets
  • Sealing belts


  • household items
  • boxes
  • furniture fittings
  • construction commodities
  • fittings
  • garden and floricultural tools


  • Containers (bottles for household chemistry products, barrels, canisters, tanks, cisterns)
  • barrels
  • road barriers

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