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PE film

JSC “Belvtorpolimer” produces and markets high quality polyethylene film of various types and purposes.

PE film is manufactured by means of extrusion from virgin and recycled low-density polyethylene of high pressure.


One of the main technical characteristics of PE film is its thickness. Our company produces PE film with nominal thickness of 50-200 microns. The standard thicknesses are 100, 120, 150 and 200 microns. PE film with other thickness is available to order.

We offer films in single wound sheets, semi-sleeves and sleeves.

The width of the film is 500-1500 mm. The standard width is 1500 mm, PE film with other width is available to order.


In order to give PE films certain properties we apply appropriate enriching additives (antistatics, slip, modifying additives).

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