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Recycled polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene is the cheapest form of polymer ranks first place in polyethylene world production. PE physical and chemical characteristics and operational properties depend on the molecular weight and density and vary with the type of polyethylene.

The most common polyethylene types are:

Low-density polyethylene

international designator LDPE

High-density polyethylene

international designator HDPE

Recycled PE is produced according to the requirement specifications (RS RB 03427727.003-99 “Recycled PE”) by JSC Belvtorpolimer

In the course of manufacture the modern high-tech equipment are used:

  • Grinding and washing complex SOREMA (Italy)
  • Extrusion line EREMA (Austria)

During the cleaning process the material is subjected to 12 stages washing programme including 7 active stages and an effective filter system with an automatic filter surface cleaning by melt backflow.

Additionally, the equipment is fitted with a dual degassing system and it reprocesses about 700 kg of regranulate every hour.

Also the company has Italian equipment 2004 model year for plastic processing:

  • Grinding and washing line “Tecnofer”
  • Extrusion line “Tecnova”

Granulated material is packed in 900- 1200 kg PP big bags.

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