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In 1980 in the BSSR it was decided to build a unique and one of the first plastics processing plant in the USSR. The building of the plant was begun in 1938 and was completed in December 1989. Its birth year is considered to be 27 December 1989.

The first product developed at the plant was corrugated pipe. 12 kinds of items were produced in the first year of its operation. Nowadays the product range is more than 40 types and it includes about 200 items.

Simultaneously with the production of goods the company started the processing of plastics waste. At first, 2 pelletizing machines of the USSR for “clean” waste processing were installed. Later it was decided to share these machines with the Italian film waste recycling system which allows processing polluted plastics waste.

In 1995 the industrial polyethylene ingot waste and polyethylene lasts waste processing was started.

250-300 tons of plastic waste was initially processed every year. Nowadays it’s more than 3000 tones per year.

In the first year of the company’s activity the number of employees was 141. At present, there are more than 150 employees.

Nowadays our company is equipped with the latest equipment from leading European manufacturers: the extrusion line for corrugated pipes (“OLMAS”, Italy), 2 extrusion lines for smooth pipes (“Tecnomatic”, Italy), the film extrusion line (“Trusioma”, Germany), the extrusion line “Tecnova” (Italy), the washing-grinding system for PP and PE recycling “Tecnofer” (Italy), the grinding line for bulky waste (“Weima”, Germany).

Recently the company has implemented a major investment project for the manufacturing facilities construction for highly polluted plastic waste recycling and in the end of 2013 put in operation a new workshop with SOREMA washing-grinding system for PE film waste and big-bags waste recycling ( “Sorema, div. of Previero N. s. r. l.’, Italy) and EREMA pelletizing system (“EREMA Engineering Recycling Machinenund Anlagen Ges. m. b. H.”, Austria).


About 1000 kg per hour of waste is processed and 700 kg per hour of recycled high-purity PE or PP (in the form of granules) is obtained in the workshop.

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